View and Download Sony RCD-WC service manual online. COMPACT DISC RECORDER. RCD-WC Recording Equipment pdf manual download. User manual, users manuals, user guide, operating instructions. Operating Instructions, Download RCD- The Sony Guide to Home Theater, Download. 21 Jul Specifications. Disc format: CD (2 disc multi play). Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz. Signal to Noise Ratio: 98dB. Line output: 2V.

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I have been using this unit to record sermons for our church and it works fine most of the time. Oldschool57 North Caroina Post Number: The Boss unit has both analog and digital sony rcd w500c manual outputs. I would be the same way if we weren’t doing live recording.

Sony RCD-WC –

Sound quality of playback and recordings are excellent. If it was for myself I’d buy on line for both these items. Anybody wiling sony rcd w500c manual bet that whoever I talk to won’t know their customer support associates from a hole in the ozone soony I have been unable to find a replacement. I hope that is not the case now.

Sony RCD-W500C

I just want to burn a basic CD. The only problem is that I can’t find any “CD digital audio rewritable” disks.


Select the menu as follows. Can anyone help me?

The tray has not closed within sony rcd w500c manual specified time. CR-R’s don’t allow me to correct mistake, such as bad starts or incorrect input levels. Posted on Friday, April 27, – And yet, the packages for these Fuji CDs claims that they are “specially designed for use with stand-alone audio CD recorders”. CN CN C 22 6.

Anyone know of others? Posted on Monday, June 02, sony rcd w500c manual Number of inner condition: SONY tells me the product is defective but I don’t believe it.

Posted on Saturday, June 20, – I think you’d do better with software. Has anyone else run into these problems? Next step is to try a Sony Music CD. Steven Benkendorf New member Username: Posted on Sunday, Sony rcd w500c manual manuao, – Has anyone else had this problem.

Sridhar anne Rcdd guest. Rick Bronze Member Username: In my search for info I came across machines that could tune out vocals for karaoke costly.

I haven’t been able to reproduce my original work.

It will copy all including W50c. You guys know what a problem it is when you can’t correct a CD-R disc when you screw up!

If sony rcd w500c manual has occurred, it is interpreted and saved in the specific directory. I’ve had good luck with the Memorex music CDR’s: Posted on Monday, June 19, – You only get one shot. That’s a particular problem with these particular instructions because many of the steps refer you back to previous steps.


Sony RCD-W500C Service Manual

The dotted square with arrow prompts you to move to the next job when all of the works within the dotted square are completed. I am sure it will work just fine.

It has worked for me so far. Bought this unit “out of box” at Best Buy, had all documents and accessories with it: Posted on Saturday, July 01, – In other ways, the user interface is years behind the now defunct Philips recorders. Posted on Tuesday, June 16, – I’d like to make my own karaoke recordings, but I’m not a tech wizard. Posted on Thursday, June 02, – I read some reviews somewhere where someone was reccommending them before I sony rcd w500c manual them.

Just type in model number.