Cosmic Consciousness, by Richard Maurice Bucke, [], full text etext at Cosmic Consciousness – A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind has In this book, Richard Bucke described the common mystical experiences in a. Cosmic Consciousness. A Study in extracts from writers having Cosmic Consciousness and from other writers about . Salt, H. S. Richard Jefferies: A Study.

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Interesting, liked it then? Among the effects of humanity’s natural evolutionary progression, Bucke believed he detected a long historical trend in which religious conceptions and theologies had become less and less frightening. Oct 29, Stephen Coates rated it it was amazing.

This cosmic state is not supernatural or supernormal at end of the book he indicates that if he had more time and room he would have explored miracles, and sensible connections with others and perhaps higher spirits, and cases where man directs powers outside consciouxness himself.

Bucke also believes many poets were blessed with this same Cosmic Consciousness, including Walt Whitman, who was a personal friend of Dr. A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mindwhich is his best-known work.

All genuine knowledge is contained within the boundaries of science. Along the way, Bucke worked richardd various odd jobs. Bucke’s personal experience of the inner state had yet another attribute, mentioned separately by the author: When he left home at the age of 16, he traveled to Columbus, Ohio and then to California.

I believe it is the only book the author wrote in his entire lifetime, and have a feeling he spent a great deal cos,ic time on it. He spent the rest of his life, he was in his mid-thirties at the time, trying to figure out what had happened to him, and if there were any others.

Cosmic Consciousness – A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind by Richard Maurice Bucke

The finding aid can be found here https: Further development culminated in the ability to experience and enjoy music. The bicke, at this time cksmic by only a few individuals who he references, is characterized by a feeling of living in eternity now and by moral elevation.


He later described the characteristics and effects of the faculty of experiencing this type of consciousness as:. Dutton and Company, Inc. Such an important early effort c.

Cosmic Consciousness – A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind

Nov 10, Hope Gwilyams rated it it was amazing. In Cosmic Consciousnessbeginning with Part II, Bucke explains how bucks developed the senses of hearing and seeing.

In it, Bucke described his own experience, that of contemporaries most notably Whitman, but also unknown figures like “C. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! It has circulated among a small group of mystics and religious seekers ever since.

Through his own experience of awakening, and those of others he studied, Bucke concluded that enlightenment is the natural result of evolution.

Recommended to Brother Dave by: Although he practiced general medicine briefly as a ship’s surgeon in order to pay for his sea travelhe later specialized in psychiatry. It is difficult to find an erroneous answer to this question; for the Master left the point obscure, and his followers have given the word every meaning under the sun.

Having experienced a simular event in my mid-thirties remember, it happens to varying degreesI found this book to be immensely personally relevant- as it has proven to be to many of us for over one hundred years now. But I think he takes much of his argument for granted without giving much real scientific evidence.

Richard Maurice Bucke – Wikipedia

He published a biography of Whitman in and was one of Whitman’s literary executors. Retrieved from ” https: Jul 31, Dianna rated it it was ok Shelves: Bucke concluded that this marked an evolutionary trend. Bucke returned to Canada in and married Jessie Gurd in ; they had eight children. In his work with asylum inmates, he was a reformer who encouraged organized sports and what is now called occupational therapy.

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In the winter of —58, he was nearly frozen to death in the mountains of California, where he was the sole survivor of a silver-mining party. Was big into this shit back then. Bucke’s concept of cosmic consciousness took on a life of its own though not always well understood and influenced the thought and writings of many other people. Written at the end of the 19th century before the subject was even vaguely in vogue and following a momentary period of higher consciousness he experienced himself, Bucke, a physician, undertook an extensive study of such persons as Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, etc.

Do people create their leaders because of their need for father figures “saviors”? He spent the rest of his life, he was in his mid-thirties at the time, trying t The pioneering book on enlightenment episodes This study is from the early days of the psychiatric profession when its practitioners could still write seriously of spiritual and mystical matters without being ostracised or ridiculed as “unscientific.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Bucke borrowed the term “cosmic consciousness” from Edward Carpenterwho had traveled and studied religion in the East. The supreme occurrence of that night was his real and sole initiation to the new and higher order of ideas. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Refresh and try again. This books helps to see, if you can believe it, where the human race is going.