8 Mar Kneecap problems go from pain to popping out of place. Do exercises to keep your thigh muscles (quadriceps and hamstrings) strong and. If you have patellar tracking disorder, or a dislocated knee, symptoms likely include pain in your knee, especially when sitting for long periods, squatting or going. A quick Google search will tell you that to fix patellar tracking issues, you should perform exercises that target the vastus medialis oblique (VMO) – your medial.

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MRI is valuable for evaluating associated injuries. This may be done with McConnell taping to hold the knee in place. The kneecap rests in a notch at the end of the thigh bone called the trochlear groove.

Since the Patella is one of the busiest bones in the maltrackign it becomes vulnerable exercisfs injuries, particularly dislocations and patellar maltracking where the patella moves out of its groove resulting in damage to the cartilage surrounding it and pain. Since there are often associated injuries, the examination must include tests for collateral ligaments and menisci.

MRI may show bone oedema but again this can be seen in asymptomatic players during the season.

In some cases, Patellar Maltracking can also cause the knees to give away resulting in exerciaes. This condition typically occurs as a result of sudden malrtacking in training habits, such as an increase in intensity or amount of impact in preseason training, or as secondary to low back injuries.

The symptoms are often vague and secondary muscular symptoms are very common, misleading the examiner. Your knee is the largest joint in your body.


The symptoms are immediate haemarthrosis, which is caused by bleeding from the bone, and pain. Weakness in this muscle may result in poor single leg balance, causing valgus stress or alignment at the knee knock knees.

Patella Maltracking is an imbalance problem. Iliopsoas flexibility is decreased and stretching of the iliopsoas may relieve or decrease the symptoms dramatically.

For the cartilage, hip osteoarthritis is graded from in a radiological score.

What Can Go Wrong With My Kneecap?

If no surgery is indicated or after surgery, refer to physiotherapist for planning of a three to six months’ return programme back to full sport. Your use of this information means that you agree to the Terms of Use. Lift the injured leg straight toward the ceiling about 12 to 18 inches. When you have misalignment, or a patellar tracking issue, your exerciaes can push to one side of the trochlear groove when you bend your knee.

It typically presents as a result of sudden changes in training habits, such as an increase in intensity maltrxcking amount of impact.

Exercises for Patellar Tracking Disorder | SportsRec

Most cases can be treated without surgery and with physiotherapy, working in particular on muscle strength and control of the entire kinetic chain. Cardio football-player Created with Sketch. Note that the injured tendon will remain thicker than the non-injured. Patellar Maltracking can maltrackign be caused due to damage to the cartilage and due to overuse which is common in athletes especially people involved in sports like running, jumping, and impact sports like football and rugby.

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Surgery is often indicated but has to be determined individually and by a knee specialist. These injuries are seen more in people who play high impact sports like football and rugby. Pain can be provoked by repetitive jumping and attempts to strike a football hard with a straight leg.

Shape Created with Sketch. If you have patellar tracking disorder, or a dislocated knee, symptoms likely include pain in your knee, especially when sitting for long periods, squatting or going down stairs. Septic bursitis can develop into a much more dangerous septic arthritis by penetration of bacteria into the knee joint via the blood.

Move your fingers up an inch, and inwards an inch maltrackkng you are on a soft fleshy bit — this is the VMO. Remember to limit the bend of your knee to a degree angle at first. This misalignment occurs when there is movement at the knee joint — i. This injury is often associated with other injuries to the medial meniscus, cartilage or other ligaments, in particular the medial collateral ligament.

An objective test in an iso-kinetic machine is recommended. The material on this website is intended for educational information purposes only.