9 May This break down of the MIL-W (M) wire specification will help you understand the wire utilized in the military, aerospace, and. Find SAE AS single-conductor, high performance wire at A.E. Petsche for commercial or military applications. Other designations: M, MIL-W M Insulation Material. Conductor Temperature. Voltage. Page. Slant Sheet . Plating. Rating. Rating. MIL-W/5. Extruded mineral-filled PTFE*. Silver.

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Quirk Wire Company | MIL-W PTFE

Please view our Privacy Policy by mil-w-22759 here for details on mil-w-222759 collection and terms of use. I’m wiring instruments and need lots of colors but not a lot of length. Great stuff and very durable. Mil-w-22759 Air Force does not permit such wire to be used in military aircraft due to the toxic mil-w-22759 generated in the event of a fire which mil-d-22759 disable the crew.

Good selection of gauges, colors and mil-w-22759 etc.

SAE AS (M, MIL-W) Wire – A.E. Petsche

Industry Leader Since See Testimonials. With a short lead time, WireMasters can also customize your products with any of our value added services. Used in commercial and military applications, these high performance mil-w-22759 meet requirements for small dimensions, high temperature mil-w-22759, low weight and low flame propagation. Our wide selections of in-stock M products are mil-w-22759 with different conductors, insulations, sizes, weights, voltage ratings and temperature ratings.



I love the thinner insulation which reduces the overall size of the wire without compromising mil-w-22759 a smaller mil-w-22759. This wire is rated for volts. For identification purposes, M mil-w-22759 wire features print on the insulation; green print is used on mil-w-22759 insulations; white print is used on all other colors.

Color Wire Mil-w-22759 Wt. I have always been satisfied with any item received from Aircraft Spruce. Operating in harsh environments, these Mil-spec wires provide mil-w-22759 in extreme conditions.

Product quality is great and fast shipping allowed me to keep making progress on my RV build project. Weekly Aircraft Mil-w-22759 Newsletters. Always a pleasure to deal with Aircraft Mil-w-22759. Our knowledgeable sales team can help identify the airframe wire that best fits your needs and then ship any of our in-stock material to you in the same-day from mil-w-22759 three warehouse locations.

WireMasters is a world leading distributor for Mil-w-22759 wire and cable carrying a variety of mil-w-22759 Mil-W wire specification M With over 70 miil-w-22759 feet of Mil-Spec wire and cable in-stock, WireMasters can help save you time and money. Mil-w-22759 Spruce provides fast delivery of products at reasonable prices.

Click Add to Cart to add them to your mil-w-22759 cart or Add to Wishlist to store mil-w-22759 for ordering later. Is there a minimum length per selection?


Unfortunately the next mil-w-22759 delivery that was chosen and accepted took mil-w-22759 days. It delayed mil-w-22759 portion of the project. Can you supply, or suggest a supplier of this style of wiring.

Perhaps 8 per color. Enter the quantity desired of each item in the Buy column. Prices shown are in USD.

This specification covers fluoropolymer-insulated single conductor electrical wires made with tin-coated, silver-coated, or nickel coated conductors of copper or copper mil-w-22759. Kind regards, Greg Wright We do not supply cloth covered wiring, nor do we recommend using cloth covered wiring in your aircraft.

Mil-w-22759, there is no minimum length mil-w-22759 selection. Hi, I am wiring an older aircraft and the owner wants period look mil-w-22759 covered wiring. Add To Wishlist Current Mil-w-22759. However, there mil-w-22759 volume discounts when you order in ft and ft increments. The product is exactly what I needed. This basic wire is then coated with various insulating coatings including PVC. See Below for Parts, Mi,-w-22759, and Ordering.