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hi admin i have battery lenovo v, ibm x60 i read and reset ok but it is run about time charge and discharge it is lost current and volt. I have this dell battery with this chip bq+bq and I connected SCL to SCL, SDA to SDA, 5V to +, the accu has 12 V, each cell 4,2 V. hi admin before i user ver for to do sony firmware now i update to ver so i can to do with sony firmware if i can so i can not reset battery.

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Project Details

Enough time to safely exit the immediate scene. If you have further questions related to this thread, you may click “Ask a related question” below. Yuriy Novak July 24, at 7: Back home, I first made sure both batteries had about the same voltage, the bad banana plug wires I used had enough resistance to keep the balancing current under 1A. Bq800 sounds like you got an unusual board.

The newly created question will be automatically linked to this question. For unknown reason I wanted to flash eep.

Karosium: Hacking the bq with SANYO firmware

There wouldn’t be a need to mess with the boot rom if this low-level programming nq8030 was available. Unknown December 30, at Nothing can be read from both as error is returned. Viktor December 17, at 3: Then I slowly started to dismantle the old battery pack for the bs8030 tabs connected to the pcb.

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I’ve soldered LED on fuse heater pins, and it always lights up, despite the fact that the charging current and voltage have good values.

Battery EEPROM Works • View topic – dell battery RN87 bq+bq

Do you have another question? You mentioned that you just reset it, but if you set it to for example and making 5 to 10 discharge cycles it become possible to confirm or not a manuf.

Some experience with electronics and reverse engineering binary data files is required. Another question is about so called ‘partial reset’ of the controller. I can’t flash the eeprom anymore. The bq is not a valid fuel gauge number that I know of.

I would like to ask You, maybe someone knows how to unlock charging in dell batteries with external power supply? Could bq800 use it to manipulate the other parts directly: Aug 16, 2. So, what this shows is, that it is possible to rebuild your Lenovo battery pack without the protections against tampering are kicking in. Thanks allaboutcircuits, for not letting me end up with a busted battery pack! After you make possible to modify dinamic area of eeprom, Did you play around with that counter value?

But most of our gauges will learn the correct capacity after a learning cycle. It was such a pleasure to read this!


Go to Support forums. May be comparing with another image. May be USB board is of simplified version?

I would be easier to do having several eeprom dumps. Viktor March 23, at bq800 May be buffer overflow or other tricks will work? Your name or email address: I’m thinking this could be a reason because zero is always less than Remaining Capacity Alarm mAh. To do this you need an EV interface board available from TI.

If yes then you’re stuck in boot-rom.

Battery EEPROM Works

About Us Contact Hackaday. By chance I also found a site where they tried to refurbish a battery pack from a Lenovo battery pack and it did not work because of safety features on the PCB link. These bytes should likely happen to corrupt in the very beginning for this described method to work? Me checked on one sample of bqdbt, that this command [0x40] has same attributes as ‘privilege escalation’ command [0x71], i.

In that case you’d probably have to try the pin28 glitching method I bq830 in the post to get into the boot-rom first. If not then pretty much yes.