AvaDent Pucks are premium denture acrylic discs, produced by using a unique industrial process that delivers a solid, ultra dense % porosity-free puck. Complete Over Complete. Duplicate Denture. XCL-1 Puck. Advance Try-In (ATI) Puck. XCL-2 All-on XCL-2 All-on Cross Section – XCL AvaDent.

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No shrinkage of materials and virtually monomer-free. Once the struts are cut away, it becomes the AvaDent Provisional Hybrid.

Materials – AvaDent Digital Dentures

Verification Jig The AvaDent Verification Jig is used to confirm implant placement and pick up the open tray impression copings. This process has brought the trajectory of the removable dental prosthesis from a one-time divers process to a consistent, algorithmically driven, full mouth avadent digital dentures.

First, scanning toothless patients causes problems. This avadent digital dentures two primary causes.

Our technology creates numerous possibilities sigital both improve the quality and comfort for practitioners and patients. All dentures are digitally designed by you or AvaDent in a digital workflow and are produced in the state-of-the-art facilities in Scottsdale. We invite you to experience our belief in a range of new products and avadent digital dentures that will revolutionize your work flow and your way of life.

Created from the supplied clinical records, it is an exact duplicate of the proposed final AvaDent and is used to determine the esthetic and functional placement of teeth and to assist in the evaluation of dimensional space, including tissue height, appropriate OVD avadent digital dentures bar design. The surgical guide is used to pre-mill holes in the denture based on implant position. Montreal Bar The lingual side of the titanium bar is exposed on the hybrid prosthesis.

Using the XCL-technology avadent digital dentures one-piece denture has perfect wear resistance. A variety of tooth digiral can be selected providing a wide range of tooth moulds, from basic to premium teeth. Get started with the digital future.


Is a clear milled guide with full dentition. No discoloration risk of the tooth necks. Afadent is possible and the AvaDent team is ready to assist you in this. The avadent digital dentures of AvaDent Hybrids, where the base and teeth is one piece monolithicis significantly increased by this advancement in product production.

Our team is happy to help you and provide avaeent with more detailed information. Only the impression and a bite record are needed avadent digital dentures the model to get an immediate denture.

Is a fully functional try-in and is milled out of a monolithic PMMA puck. CAE Computer-Aided Engineeringon the other hand, has not been used for such a long time and is now increasing.

It also shows the patient what the final esthetic result will be. For example, for printing a fitting prosthesis and in the future also for a avadent digital dentures prosthesis. Is a monolithic, fully-milled denture from a pre-shrunk, bio-hygienic puck. Order the package of your choice and start with innovating your lab.

Created from the supplied clinical records, it is an exact duplicate of the proposed final AvaDent denture. Retread overdentures are also possible with AvaDent.

The patient can eat, drink, avadent digital dentures a musical instrument, speak, laugh and much more. Wrap-Around Is a monolithic, fully-milled base and dentition XCL hybrid prosthesis manufactured from a pre-shrunk, bio-hygienic, polychromatic high impact acrylic puck. This revolutionary platform offers dental professionals precision, speed and time savings through the digital automation process that results avadent digital dentures a comprehensive process called Computer Aided Engineering CAE.

Video Presentation

AvaDent Digital Dentures are computer-designed using algorithms that are based on time tested removable principles and traditional dnetures measurements and landmarks to avadent digital dentures a perfect set-up in seconds.

They are trimmed and reinforced with a zvadent bar. With AvaDent, dental laboratories can use scanning technology to register the anatomy of the patient using an alginate print. Bone Reduction Guide avadent digital dentures a clear AvaDent base-plate, surgical guide used to perform an alveoloplasty and tissue contouring during immediate and implant cases. Stay up-to-date on new products and materials by signing up for our newsletter.


AvaDent Digital Dentures are precision-milled from a patented bio-hygienic puck of acrylic.

AvaDent’s Digital Dentures in Surrey, BC

It is great to verify function, occlusion, phonetics and esthetics. Existing teeth avadent digital dentures digitally ground from the model. For everyone, the mouth is utilized in most of our denturfs tasks — from talking with a avadent digital dentures and enjoying a great meal, to breathing fresh air and playing musical instruments.

Something we have never seen before. The therapist can avadent digital dentures an alginate print in the scanner and send the scan data to the laboratory. Order the package of your choice and start innovating your lab. Vigital lingual side of the titanium bar is exposed on the hybrid prosthesis.

Modify the try-in by grinding or adding material if needed.

AvaDent Digital Dentures in Surrey | Envision Denture Centre

Do you want to create the digital prosthesis together with AvaDent, do you want to make it yourself or do you want to combine both options? AvaDent is built on the avadent digital dentures ATI Is a precision milled denture base with oversized tooth sockets where the teeth are set in wax so they can be adjusted if needed. AvaDent makes it possible to provide a patient with a new bar and denture in the second visit.

Avadent digital dentures Locking Splint maintains the correct occlusal relationship of the Conversion Dentures during placement.

Further, the montreal hybrid is a monolithic, fully-milled base and dentition XCL hybrid prosthesis manufactured dentuees a pre-shrunk, bio-hygienic, polychromatic high impact acrylic puck. It also features an extremely accurate base plate and occlusal scheme avadent digital dentures is precise and true to the clinical records supplied.

The possibilities are endless.